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Commercial Building with Solar Panels on the Roof

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Raw materials, salaries, and energy costs are all rising. As a business owner, how can you keep costs down? By investing in a premium solar panel installation, you secure an ample supply of clean, renewable energy and cut thousands of dollars from your electricity bills, making it a true commercial no-brainer.

Businesses can reduce electricity bills by up to 75% by switching to solar energy


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As South Carolina’s leading solar power installation team for local businesses, you can count on 8MSolar for top-quality commercial solar installation and repair services. Our solar panels are easy to maintain, significantly reduce energy bills, and help your business make a positive environmental impact.

When it comes to commercial solar panel companies in South Carolina, look no further than 8MSolar! We approach every project with an engineering-first approach, allowing you to chat directly with one of our licensed professional engineers (not a salesperson) who can help you design a complex system to perfectly fit your commercial energy needs.

Chapel in the Pines - Solar Panels

Solar panels for non-profits

We help non-profits all over South Carolina fuel a cleaner future using high-grade solar energy technology. From helping you secure donations with accurate carbon offset and energy cost-saving estimates to providing the reliable service you need, our commercial solar panel installers in South Carolina are here to help you power up your impact.

Chicken Farm Solar Panels

Solar panels for chicken farms

We assist non-profits throughout South Carolina in fueling a cleaner future with high-grade solar energy technology. By providing accurate carbon offset and energy cost-saving estimates, we help you secure donations. Our commercial solar panel installers in South Carolina offer the reliable service you need to enhance your impact.
Commercial Building with Solar Panels on the Roof

Solar panels for self storage

Our team assists non-profits across South Carolina in fueling a cleaner future with high-grade solar energy technology. We help you secure donations by providing accurate carbon offset and energy cost-saving estimates. Our commercial solar panel installers in South Carolina deliver the reliable service you need to amplify your impact.

Energy Companies' Solar Incentives

Santee Cooper

Santee Cooper

Santee Cooper does not offer one-to-one net metering but credit your business the extra energy exported back to the grid.

Duke Energy

Duke Energy

Duke Energy offers solar choice riders instead of full net metering. This means excess energy is credited to your company at a wholesale rate.

Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy offers 3 options:

  1. Solar Choice: Excess energy is credited to your business.
  2. Buy All/Sell All: Buy energy at your current rate and sell all at a rate defined by Dominion Energy.
  3. Off-Set Only: No netting, banking, or crediting for excess energy. This is great for systems not expecting extra energy.

Reduce your company’s biggest expense

Read our case study to learn how Extra Space Storage is offsetting 80% of their electricity usage by using solar.


From significant financial savings on energy bills and sizable tax breaks to fulfilling your Corporate Social Responsibility and attracting eco-conscious customers, there are a wide array of advantages to installing solar panels to power your business.

Attract eco-conscious customers

Attract eco-conscious customers

Consumers are increasingly favoring eco-conscious companies. Switching to solar is one way to gain customer loyalty by showing them you care about the environment

Lower your electrical spend

Lower your electrical spend

By installing commercial solar panels, you’ll benefit from low-cost power, reduce dependence on expensive utility companies, and save power in a storage battery for spikes in energy prices

Support your local economy

Support your local economy

The money you spend on a solar panel installation goes right back into the local economy when using a local NC commercial solar contractor by creating and supporting a wealth of solar energy jobs in your community



Loans: Up to 75% of total eligible project costs can be covered by loan guarantees.

Grants: Grants cover up to 50% of project costs for renewable energy and up to 25% for energy efficiency projects.

Combined Funding: A combination of grants and loans can cover up to 75% of total eligible project costs.

Benefit from grants and tax savings

Benefit from grants and tax savings

Commercial solar power has never been more affordable. With up to 50% of commercial solar panel costs reimbursable through the USDA reap grant, another 30% through the solar tax credit, plus depreciation savings, most systems return a positive cash flow in less then 5 years.

Make ROI in just 5-8 years

Make ROI in just 5-8 years

Most commercial solar systems come under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System which allows the cost of solar panels to be depreciated to zero over 5 years, producing greater tax earnings

Commercial solar installation
costs for South Carolina

solar panels IN ACTION

solar solutions

At 8MSolar, we approach commercial solar system (read more) design with an engineering first approach. When discussing your system with 8MSolar, you will not be talking to a salesperson. You will talk to actual licensed professional engineers (PEs) who have implemented dozens of similar systems throughout the US. They will be able to help you decide if your property is a good candidate for solar and design a complex system to perfectly fit the energy needs of your business.

Commercial solar panels are substantial electrical systems that need expert engineering knowledge. Trust the licensed professional engineers at 8MSolar to give you unbiased, independent design studies and help you deliver the ideal system for your facility.

Frequently asked QUESTIONS

Some energy companies in North Carolina charge customers a blended rate that comes from dividing the amount due on your bill by the total kilowatt-hour consumption during the billing period. These blended rates give an accurate ROI estimation in theory, but they fail to account for seasonal demand.

At 8MSolar, we don’t use blended rates when calculating the financial impact of your solar energy system because it artificially inflates your ROI. Instead, we take all measures to produce accurate, verifiable numbers, so you can take our ROI estimate to the bank, literally.

We install three types of panels for businesses

  • Monocrystalline: These panels offer maximum efficiency and durability
  • Polycrystalline: These panels are innovative and very cost-effective
  • Thin-film: These panels are ideal for high-volume rooftop installations

Commercial solar energy systems provide excellent tax benefits that can reduce your commercial solar panel cost. According to the IRS Notice # 2018-59, any commercial solar panel system put into service by Dec 31st, 2023 and meets one of the following requirements is eligible for the full 26% federal tax credit:

  • Installed in 2020, 2021 or 2022 
  • Showing “physical work of a significant nature” 
  • Meets the “5% safe harbor test”
  1. We typically install commercial solar systems on rooftops of buildings that are almost always flat or have limited pitch. Using expert knowledge of the geographic area, we can design the array pitch angle to make sure it is producing optimal energy.
  2. Commercial solar system installations also have different mounting mechanisms than traditional homes. Commercial solar panels have different clamp-on-type bases that we specifically design for flat/metal roofs.
  3. The solar panels we use in most commercial applications are 72 cell panels, which is much larger than the traditional 60 cell modules we use in residential systems and have a higher power output – typically 350 watts per panel.
  4. Rapid shutdown capabilities that bring the DC voltage down to an inherently safe level are required in NC. Our engineers will help you design a system that meets those requirements.


  1. Ground-mounted systems are a great alternative for businesses that don’t have roofs suitable for solar panels but have significant amounts of land available. This system also works well if your company’s solar needs cannot be met by their current roof size. 
  2. Using expert geographical knowledge, our engineers can choose the optimal placement of your panels. They will test things like ground compaction to make sure we choose the proper equipment to avoid any geological problems that may arise.
  3. There are two types of ground-mounted solar panels. Pole-mounted panels are elevated off the ground and sometimes use tracking systems to tilt them toward the sun. Standard mounted solar panels have metal framing that we drive into the ground to keep them at a chosen angle.

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