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Solar Power in Apex

8MSolar is the highest rated licensed solar panel company in Apex, NC. We specialize in both residential solar panel installation as well as in commercial solar energy installation services. 8MSolar is readily available for consultation on any solar PV projects in Apex, North Carolina and its neighboring communities. On a big investment such as solar, it is critical to place your trust on a local solar energy company that specializes in Apex, NC solar PV projects and has a proven track record for success and customer service excellence in this area.

Residential Installation Services

8MSolar is committed to pursuing our dream of having every household running on clean and sustainable energy. We provide the best residential solar panels in North Carolina, using the best products, foremost brands and the industry’s best technicians in the process. We’re a comprehensive installation team that takes care of everything to give you a stress-free, laid-back experience. You can count on our team to help you turn the North Carolina sunshine into a clean, green and sustainable energy supply.

Commercial Installation Services

Commercial solar PV systems have different operating and design requirements than residential systems. Our engineers are qualified to determine what mounting methods, wiring, and installation practices will ensure maximum production from your commercial solar array. Businesses are also able to depreciate the cost of the array of solar PV systems over 5 years only, drastically reducing payback periods. The end result of this is to help business owners in Apex save money by reducing energy costs. With the help of our commercial energy system services, this goal will be fully realized.

Benefits of Switching to Solar Panels in Apex, NC

Save Money

8MSolar offers equipment at an average of 10% less than our competitors. After installation, you’ll continue to see savings through net-metering from your local utility company.

Help the Environment

By replacing your utility power with clean, solar power, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help improve the environment. On average, a residential solar system can offset 100,000 lbs of carbon dioxide in 20 years. That’s equivalent to driving 100,000 miles in a car.

Reliable Energy

The sun’s energy is abundant and can be harnessed from anywhere in the world. Other sources of energy will eventually run out or fail. As long as there is a sun, solar power will be there
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Increase Home Value

Installing solar panels can actually increase your home value instantly. According to a study conducted by the NREL, homes with solar panels sell 20 percent faster and are valued 17 percent more.
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Your Dependable Residential Solar Energy Contractor

One of the reasons why you should trust 8MSolar as your residential and commercial solar energy contractor is that as an Apex, NC solar energy system expert, we are constantly aware of local regulations and we stay abreast of advancements and improvements in solar technology. We work closely with the Town of Apex Electrical Utility to ensure the feasibility of solar panels in Apex, NC.

When you choose to work with 8MSolar, you can count on:

  • Complex designs customized to meet your power needs.
  • Attentive customer service.
  • Prices 10% lower than other companies.
  • Equipment Agnostic
  • 25-year warranties on our high-quality products.


Solar panels are significant investments whether you’re a business or a homeowner. Each solar power project we take on is different and the price will vary. As every home and facility operates in unique ways, they demand various levels of performance from their power supply. Each system we design requires unique technology, hardware and sizes to meet the evolving demands of your power needs. These factors ultimately affect how much your Apex, North Carolina, solar panels will cost in the long run. There are also plenty of local, federal and utility incentives that will alter costs. From rebates to tax exemptions and even tax credits, it’s evident that there are various ways to cut down initial costs and save money.

Homeowners can combine state and federal incentives to potentially cut down on 40%-50% of their upfront costs. Duke Rebates is a popular incentive provider, offering rebates of all types saving homeowners, non-profits and businesses thousands of dollars. Contact our team if you’re interested in applying. 8MSolar understands the benefits and advantages of harvesting solar energy and wants to make sure that everyone has a chance to take advantage of it. We offer flexible financing options for all customers. Our technicians will work closely with you to determine a suitable course of action and help you meet your budget, assess payback periods and find the best rebates for your situation.

Choose Solar Panels in Apex, North Carolina

8MSolar is committed to providing businesses and homeowners with reliable solar power to meet their power needs. You can count on our professionals to bring your solar energy vision to reality. If you want to have expertly installed solar panels in Apex, North Carolina for a home or business, contact us today!


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