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Every hour, the energy reaching the earth from the sun is more than the whole annual energy use of humanity

You’re already here, searching for a better, cleaner way to power your home or business. So why settle for subpar solar energy; when you can have the best? At 8MSolar, that’s what we deliver. Top-class solar panel installations executed with precision – for unparalleled solar energy solutions that know no bounds.

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leading-edge solar power solutions

Committed to nonstop excellence, our unique ability to control every aspect of our solar energy projects in-house eliminates contractor management headaches for our customers and maintains a degree of quality like no other.

United by a shared vision for a greener future, we’ve been electrifying commercial and residential properties across North Carolina for more than a decade, helping clients reduce their carbon footprint and lifelong energy costs with solar panels that pay for themselves both financially and environmentally.

Residential Solar Panels on Roof

Residential solar panels

We deliver peace of mind quality for homeowners in North Carolina that want to minimize energy bills, enjoy a smooth transition from traditional fuels to high-grade solar energy solutions, and empower a cleaner future for our generation and the next. 8MSolar is hardware agnostic and can procure the very best solar panels we have to offer! 

Commercial solar panels in NC

From corporations and non-profits to poultry farms and self-storage units, 8MSolar helps hundreds of commercial property owners in North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia to future-proof their business, reduce electrical overheads, and keep their CSR promise for decades to come. 8MSolar provides solar panels for business across North Carolina. Start your journey to energy independence by contacting us today.

Library Solar Panel System

Why we are the
#1 solar panel company

Make the switch to solar panels,
reap the rewards



In 6-8 years, your solar panel system pays for itself in energy savings, enabling you to power your home with clean, cheap, and reliable energy for 30+ years



Solar energy replaces fuels that harm the planet and those who live on it. You can do your part and lower your carbon emissions by switching to solar power



Thanks to the 30% federal tax credit, powering your home with solar panels is more accessible and affordable than ever. Save money with 8MSolar!

Flexible systems

Flexible systems

8MSolar systems are designed and installed to be compatible with future technological advancements such as ev chargers and energy storage solutions.

Minimal upkeep

Minimal upkeep

Solar panel systems last for 30+ years and require very little to keep them running smoothly and efficiently - eliminating headaches and maintenance costs

Resale Value

Resale Value

As with any home or business improvement, solar panels are an investment in your building and will significantly increase the resale value

Get an idea of solar panel installation
costs for your area

Your solar poweR journey starts here

Our solar experts take care of the entire panel installation process.
From HOA approval to permits and inspections; we keep you informed every step of the way,
so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the savings.


Schedule a consultation or get an instant estimate, and if you’re happy, we’ll evaluate your roof space to develop a bespoke solar panel solution


Our in-house solar power engineers and installers execute your solar energy project with meticulous attention to detail and conduct final inspections


For as long as you have your solar panels, we’re here to carry out repairs, battery backups, and upgrades to extend their lifespan even further


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With more than a decade of solar power experience and 2,000+ solar panel installations under our belt, it’s our unrivaled expertise and detail-obsessed approach that sets us apart from other solar installers. When it comes to solar panel installation companies, 8MSolar is your trusted partner for solar panel system installations.

Headquartered in Ohio, Virginia Beach, VA, Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Cary, NC, we’re consistently ranked as one of the top solar installers in North Carolina and are the only local solar company in NC whose owners, certified solar designers, and engineers are directly involved in the engineering & implementation of every solar project we install.

Nurturing an innovation-first mindset, we stay at the forefront of solar tech through continuous education and are known for shaping solar industry standards that local cities and other solar installers adopt. When looking for solar companies in North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia, 8MSolar has everything you need for the perfect solar panel setup for your home or business. 

Most solar companies offer a 25-year warranty on your solar panel systems, however, 8MSolar offers an industry-leading “lifetime warranty” on solar panel systems for North Carolina residents. 8MSolar is a leader in the solar industry, and our “lifetime warranty” reflects just that. 

As a favored local solar installer in NC and VA, we have established a reputation for excellent service. You can expect seamless solar panel installation, top-class customer service, and long-lasting solutions.

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Looking for a “top-quality local solar panel installer near me?” Don’t settle for subpar solar energy in North Carolina when you can have the best! At 8MSolar, that’s what we deliver. Top-class solar panel installations executed with precision – for unparalleled solar energy solutions that know no bounds.

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