Solar Panels for Self Storage Facilites in North Carolina

Efficient, reliable, and high-quality solar installation services for self storage centers in North Carolina.

Commercial Building with Solar Panels on the Roof

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If you’re looking to equip your self storage with affordable power, solar energy is a great option. Solar panels can help your self storage business gain a competitive edge by reducing electricity bills, attracting eco-conscious customers, and saving money from tax incentives.

8MSolar offers solar panel installation for self storage centers in North Carolina. We have the experience and resources to equip your organization with a solar system that meets your demands and budget.

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How your self storage business
can benefit from solar panels

Self storage facilities have a constant electric load, which can easily be off set by a commercial solar panel system powered by 8MSolar. See a case study on how 8MSolar can save self storage businesses up to 80% in electrical costs.

Lower operating costs

Lower operating costs

Your self storage facility will increase its energy independence with solar panels, meaning the monthly fee you pay to your utility company will decrease

Attract eco-conscious customers

Attract eco-conscious customers

Consumers are willing to pay 33% more for eco-friendly services. By installing solar panels and promoting this feature, you can attract a wider portion of the market

No noise pollution

No noise pollution

Unlike other forms of electricity, which can be very noisy, solar energy is very quiet and offers a more relaxed environment for your customers and visitors

Increase energy security

Increase energy security

Provide a stable source of energy with solar panels and maintain power, even if a grid goes down and becomes unstable. Self-sufficiency keeps your electricity running consistently

Maintain consistent energy

Maintain consistent energy

Solar energy keep a reliable, steady stream of energy that helps you monitor energy consumption and more accurately predict your monthly energy bills

Benefit from tax rebates

Benefit from tax rebates

Commercial solar power has never been more affordable. With up to 50% of cost reimbursable through the USDA reap grant, another 30% through the solar tax credit, plus depreciation savings, most systems return a positive cash flow in less than 5 years.

Make a difference
protect our planet

Solar has the potential to power all of your church or chicken farm facilities from clean, renewable sunlight alone. Are you ready to harness that power for the greater good?

Switching to solar power is the equivalent of:

Commercial Building with Solar Panels on the Roof

Your solar poweR journey starts here

8MSolar is the industry leader in delivering turnkey solar projects for our self storage clients. Our solar experts take care of the entire panel installation process, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our team adheres to the following steps to ensure quality, consistency, and reliability.


We review your self storage facility’s energy consumption to determine the size of the system you need, how much you will potentially save, and the rebates you can avail of and present our findings to you


Our engineering team creates electrical and mechanical drawings for you to review and if you’re happy, we perform all permitting and inspections required before beginning the installation process


Our in-house solar power engineers and installers execute your solar energy project with meticulous attention to detail, manage local authority and utility sign-offs and providing detailed reports

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

  • Net metering
    In North Carolina, Duke Energy offers renewable energy customers a net metering program. Net metering is a service that rewards renewable energy customers with credits for sending power back to the grid. Excess energy sent back will be exchanged for credits that offset the monthly electricity bill.
  • Federal tax credit
    These systems are eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit to provide guaranteed savings of up to 26% of the project value. These credits will continue throughout 2020, 2021, and 2022, only with less money back with each consecutive year. The sooner you install the system, the more money you will save with this federal tax credit.
  • Depreciation earnings
    Solar PV systems installed on storage facilities can be depreciated down to 0% over 5 years much like other commercial systems. This can supercharge savings by providing higher tax savings—especially within the first year.
  • USDA Reap Grants
    For qualified customers, you can receive up to 25% of the project value in a USDA REAP Grant. 8MSolar can provide feedback on whether your business qualifies for this grant.
  • Duke Energy solar rebates
    Duke Energy offers rebates for local businesses. You can claim $0.50 per watt on a new commercial solar panel installation up to 100kW.  This results in rebates up to $50,000 per account.

Installing systems for residential areas with bolted racking systems onto triangle roofing typically takes a couple of days.

On average, residential solar panels contain 72 cells and reach 65 inches in length and 39 inches in width. Most homeowners select black panels with black backing for blending in with dark roof shingles, and white provides another option for color customization.

Storage units provide excellent locations for solar panels due to their large, flat roof sizes. On average, commercial panels offer 78 inches in length by 39 inches in width with 96 cells and a greater panel size provides high energy efficiency.

Storage unit businesses often select white paneling and backing and black offers another option for your preferences. Installation usually takes about a month.

After typical rebates and incentives are applied – the payback on most self storage solar projects is about 3.5 years. Since solar panel systems are guaranteed to last at least 20 to 25 years, your solar panel energy for self storage will become a valuable long-term investment.

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