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Tesla Powerwall - Solar Power Backup

Not prepared for
sudden power outages?

Want to store solar energy to use as a power battery backup if there’s ever an unexpected outage or energy price surge? Detach yourself from the grid and save excess energy with Tesla Powerwall – a lithium-ion battery pack that gives your home the ultimate 24/7 protection against outages.

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The Triangle’s First Tesla-certified Premier Powerwall installers

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Tesla Powerwall Premier installers

As a certified premier Tesla Powerwall installer, 8MSolar is ready to offer you Tesla’s top-of-the-line solar storage solution. We’re proud to be one of Virginia and North Carolina’s top installation companies for solar systems and Tesla Powerwall’s and also offer timely repair services for any technical issue with your system.

WHY INVEST IN a Tesla Powerwall system?

From extra power to carry out essential daily tasks if the power goes out to optimizing your energy consumption, installing a Tesla Powerwall battery comes with so many advantages.

Become energy independent

Become energy independent

The Tesla Powerwall reduces your reliance on power companies. Your battery will store energy throughout the day to power your home at night or anytime the sun isn’t shining

Prepare for power outages

Prepare for power outages

Tesla Powerwall, won’t skip a beat when the power goes out. You'll power your home with clean, reliable energy during an outage rather than a noisy, gas-guzzling generator

Monitor and optimize energy

Monitor and optimize energy

Tesla Powerwall's data collection feature helps your system learn your energy usage patterns. Set your system to optimize for independence, outages or, savings

Minimize carbon footprint

Help the environment

Solar energy is a greener way to power your home. With no energy wasted, Tesla Powerwalsl help you minimize your carbon footprint and optimize energy use

How does the
Tesla Powerwall work?

How does it work?

Tesla Powerwall harnesses the power of the sun to store energy and can run in the following ways:

Tesla Powerwall - Solar Power Backup Installed

How many tesla powerwalls do i need?

The number of Powerwall solar systems needed for a specific residence varies based on energy consumption levels. You can connect up to 10 Powerwalls per system.

Most residential homes will only need 1-3 Powerwalls to cover their needs. While an 8MSolar Powerwall expert will help you determine exactly how many systems you’ll need, refer to the chart below to explore the right number or Powerwalls for your home or business.

Tesla Powerwall

One Tesla Powerwall - Solar Power Backup

Tesla Powerwalls

Two Tesla Powerwalls - Solar Power Backups

Tesla Powerwalls

Three Tesla Powerwalls - Solar Power Backup

How much does a Tesla powerwall cost?

Before installation, the Tesla Powerwall cost is $10,000 per unit, including the supporting hardware. A Powerwall installation is usually priced between $4,000 and $8,000 and will be determined upon receiving a quote. 

You can pay for your Powerwall upfront or cover it with a third-party loan. There are also local and federal rebates that the system may be eligible for to save you even more. Learn more about tax credits and rebates for solar energy systems.

Want to protect your home
from power failure and
reduce your carbon footprint?

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Most likely you would need a few additional panels to cover charging a future electric vehicle. During our consultation, we’ll determine how much you expect to drive (and charge) the EV, and recommend the necessary panels to cover that added usage. Alternatively, you can always come back and expand the system (add panels) in the future – it is very easy to do so. 

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