NEW: Duke Energy’s PowerPair Solar and Battery Incentive Program in North Carolina

Welcome Welcome Welcome to Duke Energy’s PowerPair Solar and Battery Incentive, the latest program combining solar power and battery storage. Power Pair offers homeowners a way to use solar power and battery storage for more secure and cost-effective home energy.

Overview of North Carolina’s Solar Savings Program

Previously, from 2018 to 2023, Duke Energy offered a one-time solar incentive program in North Carolina, as part of House Bill 589. This program, which offered $62 million in rebates, ended in January 2023.

Now, there’s a new opportunity: the 2024 PowerPair Solar Plus Battery Incentive. It aims to test how solar power and battery storage can help stabilize North Carolina’s electric grid and lessen the need for additional power plants. Approved on January 11, 2024, the Power Pair incentive encourages North Carolina residents to install solar and battery systems.

duke energy's new solar and battery rebate

Key Dates for the 2024 Power Pair Program

  • February 10 – Revised Tariffs
  • February 21, 10am-2pm – An in-person training session kickoff in Charlotte for the program
  • March 1 – Website live!
  • March 4 – Press Release
  • May 8 – June 5 – Initial PowerPair application open
  • July 9 – Customers can begin enrolling an eligible battery storage system

How Does the PowerPair Incentive Work?

Customers who install new solar and battery systems can save up to $9,000. This, combined with a 30% Solar Tax Credit, means homeowners can save up to 56% on these systems. Key details include:

  • Incentive Amount: Up to $3,600 for solar and $5,400 for batteries, totaling $9,000, plus for some customers an additional battery incentive of $25-$55+ per month.
  • Limited Availability: Only about 6,000 homes can participate, and spots are expected to fill up fast.
  • Application Process: Applications open in May 2024. Preparations should start early, as the design and approval process takes time.

Duration of the Incentive

The incentive will continue until its limit is reached. It supports up to 60,000 kW of solar capacity, roughly equivalent to 6,000 homes, assuming each uses the maximum 10kW system size.

Eligibility for PowerPair Solar and Battery Incentive

Any Duke Energy customer in North Carolina installing a new solar and battery system is eligible. The system can be in a home using gas or electricity. Specifics include:

Battery Storage

  • Maximum of 13.5 kWh battery capacity.
  • $400 rebate per kWh of installed capacity, up to $5,400.

Solar Power

  • Maximum of 10kW AC solar capacity.
  • 36 cents rebate per watt installed, up to $3,600.

What’s Next?

For those interested in securing their home energy with solar and battery systems at great prices, it’s advisable to consult with a solar expert at 8MSolar soon. They can help you understand the process and prepare for the May application opening.

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