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Why 8MSolar?

“8M” represents the 8 minutes it takes sunlight to travel 93 million miles from the sun to the earth!

With an in-house team of 35 solar energy professionals including an in-house engineering staff, our team has over two decades of solar experience in both residential and commercial applications. Meet the solar professionals behind our mission below.

We are humbled and proud to be recognized as the “Best Overall” solar installer in North Carolina for two years in a row. Read the entire article here!

Solar power:
But not as you know it

Established by visionary engineers Ali Buttar and Usman Noor, 8MSolar has quickly fulfilled its original purpose of becoming the leading supplier of premium solar energy solutions to homes and businesses in North Carolina.

Since our founding in 2015, 8MSolar has taken the solar energy world by storm, becoming a leading example for other solar power companies in the U.S. who often model their operations off of our own innovations.

Fueled by our vision to become a guiding light in the fight for energy independence, we’ve made it our mission to free North Carolina and the world from the harsh financial and environmental impact of outdated energy sources with future-ready solar solutions.

Proud to be working with local governments and cities in installing solar on public buildings, 8MSolar has helped countless local corporations, like CAT, BioMerieux, and many others reduce their carbon footprint by installing top-quality Solar PV.

Hardware agnostic and backed by an in-house team of professional engineers, we provide long-lasting environmental and financial sustainability. With truly unparalleled experience, technology, and dedication to our customers, we look forward to continuing our mission in North Carolina and beyond.

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