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When you’re busy looking after your animals, delivering to clients, and maintaining high standards, it can be hard to focus on the bigger picture. But with skyrocketing energy prices, this is something you’ll have to do. How do you make the future cleaner, brighter, and more profitable for your chicken farm? Solar panel installations.

8MSolar offers solar panel installation for chicken farms in North Carolina. We have the experience and resources to equip your organization with a solar system that meets your demands and budget.

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As one of North Carolina’s leading solar panel installers, 8MSolar can fit your residential or commercial chicken farm with a system that maximizes the benefits of solar power. In select cases, our team will even help you apply for and reserve large utility cash rebates before beginning the project!

Here’s why you should consider solar electricity for your chicken farm.

Reduce operating costs

Reduce operating costs

Your chicken farm will increase its energy independence with solar panels, meaning the monthly fee you pay to your utility company will decrease

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce carbon footprint

Solar energy is a clean source that will minimize your chicken farm’s environmental footprint and have an immediate and lasting positive impact on the environment

Attract eco-conscious customers

Attract eco-conscious customers

Increasingly, customers want to buy from chicken farmers that farm more sustainably, switch to solar power and attract a larger share of the market to your business

Avail of solar grants

Avail of solar grants

Benefit from Rural Energy for America grants and receive funding for renewable energy projects and improvements from the U.S, Department of Agriculture

Become energy independent

Become energy independent

Backup batteries reduce dependence on your utility company, help your non-profit avoid high energy costs, and prevent widespread outages from impacting your farm 

Benefit from tax rebates

Benefit from tax rebates

You can benefit from a federal tax credit that will pay back 26% of the costs of your solar system, making going solar not just possible - but more financially feasible than ever

Make a difference
protect our planet

Solar has the potential to power all of your chicken farm facilities from clean, renewable sunlight alone. Are you ready to harness that power for the greater good?

Switching to solar power is the equivalent of:

Solar Power installed at a Chicken Farm

Your solar poweR journey starts here

8MSolar is the industry leader in delivering turnkey solar projects for our non-profit and religious partners. Our solar experts take care of the entire panel installation process, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our team adheres to the following steps to ensure quality, consistency, and reliability.


We review your chicken farm’s energy consumption to determine the size of the system you need, how much you will potentially save, and the rebates you can avail of and present our findings to you


Our engineering team creates electrical and mechanical drawings for you to review and if you’re happy, we perform all permitting and inspections required before beginning the installation process


Our in-house solar power engineers and installers execute your solar energy project with meticulous attention to detail, manage local authority and utility sign-offs and providing detailed reports


8MSolar is one of the top solar installation partners for chicken farm organizations in North Carolina. 

We have experience installing solar panels at many residential and commercial poultry facilities and can help you strategize the best energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions for your property

To discover how our team of solar experts can help you achieve your chicken farm goals, schedule a consultation today. 

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

Our seasoned solar consultants understand all the savings available. We can guide you on navigating the complex landscape and securing the maximum 26% Federal Tax Credit, help you understand how MACRS depreciation can work for Solar, and get you qualified for up to 25% of the project value in USDA Reap Grants.

nstalling PV systems for poultry farms with bolted racking systems onto triangle roofing takes a couple of days on average. Typically, residential solar panels contain 72 cells and reach 65 inches in length and 39 inches in width.

Most homeowners select black panels with black backing and white colors provide options for your preference. Commercial solar panels with higher power are an option for residential homes wanting more energy.

Commercial chicken farms provide excellent locations for solar panels due to their long, flat roofs. Commercial solar panels reach about 78 inches in length by 39 inches in width with 96 cells. The greater size and cell count produce higher energy efficiency.

Commercial systems tend to be white, although options include black paneling and backing. Installation for these systems may take about a month on average.

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