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Unlike other aspects of your property, solar panels require the specialized training of a licensed solar panel installation contractor to carry out repairs correctly. That’s what you’ll find at 8MSolar. So if your solar panels aren’t performing as they should, get in touch with our in-house solar diagnostics team, and we’ll get you back on track as soon as possible. 

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Basic Package

  • Comprehensive bi-weekly          performance audit of solar system
  • 24/7 Year round system monitoring
  • Remote troubleshooting of solar          system
  • First service truck roll 50% off a          savings of $125
  • Standard RMA process for faulty          equipment

Comprehensive Package

  • Comprehensive WEEKLY          performance audit of solar system
  • 24/7 Year round system monitoring
  • Remote troubleshooting of solar          system
  • First service truck roll and first hour          of labor FREE! A savings of $340
  • Advanced RMA - Expedited handling          of your claim. Replacement of faulty          components in less than 15 business          days.
  • * If replacement cannot be completed in      less than 15 days. 8MSolar will offer      reimbursement per kWh for lost      production.

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At 8MSolar, our solar panel repair technicians offer a prompt, high-quality, and budget-friendly solar repair service for homes and businesses in North Carolina. Backed by 10+ years of experience in the solar energy industry, our engineers can confidently and swiftly repair your solar installation issue and assist you with the Duke rebate for non-profit organizations.
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Why you might need
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system repair

Our solar panel repair company offers a wide range of solar energy system repair services in North Carolina and can fully assist you in restoring your system’s original performance.

Typically, people come to us for solar repair services due to one of the following:

Residential Home with Solar Panels on Roof

Maximize Your Solar Investment With Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Like most solar panel owners, you want to get the most out of your system. Using expert technicians, the latest techniques and non-abrasive materials, our solar panel cleaning services will ensure your panels run at peak performance all year.

We recommend twice-yearly cleaning to ensure maximum output and the lowest energy costs possible, but even if you have fallen behind in your maintenance, we can get your system back on track by:

  • Removing debris to prevent system overheating.
  • Cleaning stains and dust to restore your system to peak efficiency and energy production.
  • Clearing accumulated snow and ice to avoid miniature crack formation.

Solar panel
removal and re-installation

Does your roof need some TLC but your solar panels are in the way? Whether you need shingles replaced or your roofer just needs to do a thorough check, we’ll make sure your solar panels are taken care of. When it comes to removing your solar panels and reinstalling your solar panels, trust the top-rated solar panel in North Carolina! 

Our talented technicians will safely disconnect your solar panels from their mounting system and electrical connections, and then store them at your home. When your roofing work is complete, we’ll reinstall everything and get your solar system up and running again. You can rely on our team of experts for your solar system removal and reinstall project! 

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Once we install your solar panels, maintenance is the next step to keep your system working well. Our technicians are here to repair systems overheating, reduced efficiency, electrical complications, and more. If you notice that your solar panel isn’t functioning to its full capacity, get in touch, and our technicians will be there as soon as possible.

After you remove and reinstall solar panel systems, solar panel cleaning will be an important part of ongoing maintenance. Cleaning solar panels allows for more light to reach your solar cells. Dirt and debris also wear down the surface of your solar panel which can cause the lifespan of the solar panel to decrease.

Longer-lasting panels

Longer-lasting panels

Regular repairs and maintenance are essential for helping your solar panels last as long as possible and keep supplying a high degree of power to your home or business

Licensed engineers

Licensed engineers

Our technicians are trained regularly and certified to troubleshoot any type of solar PV system you might have, whether it is a string based, microinverter, or power optimizer-based setup

Fast response

Fast response

8MSolar response times are the fastest in the industry, thanks to our excellent support team who promptly dispatch our solar panel repair technicians when solar power issues arise

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