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8MSolar engineers have years of experience in both residential and commercial solar installations. Unlike many solar companies, our solar engineers are local to North Carolina. We’re one of the few local professional solar companies who knows Burlington individually. As a part of your community, our installations are timely and informed, and we work with your specific geographical needs. Whatever your solar needs, 8MSolar can help!

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Residential Solar Panels in Burlington, NC

Our team at 8MSolar helps homeowners gain energy independence with residential solar panel installations. Generating your electricity on-site offers many satisfying benefits, like saving hundreds of dollars on your monthly bills and not needing to rely on utility companies.

Burlington Commercial Solar Panel Installations

8MSolar helps businesses switch to green energy with commercial solar panel installation in Burlington, North Carolina. Companies that use renewable, clean energy appeal to consumers who choose products and services with environmentally friendly approaches in mind. By reducing your carbon emissions, you may also inspire the use of solar panels at other commercial properties in your community, bringing the world one step closer to a carbon-neutral future.

Why Go Solar in Burlington, NC?

8MSolar has helped homeowners and businesses go solar throughout all of North Carolina. Our customers have found many reasons why their transition to solar power is beneficial to them and the world around them. Solar power benefits the environment, your home, and your savings just to name a few.


If you ever end up needing to sell your home, home value is very important. Even when you’re not sure if you’ll need to sell, increasing your home’s value is still beneficial for most homeowners. Installing solar panels can actually increase your home value instantly. According to a study conducted by the NREL, homes with solar panels sell 20 percent faster and are valued 17 percent more.


One of the biggest economic benefits our customers have found with solar power is saving on their utility bills. On average, homeowners save $150 a month on their utility bills with a solar system. The larger the solar system, the larger the savings. For businesses, your business can stay financially stable by eliminating the large monthly expenditure of utilities.


The world we live in affects us all, and we should all do our part in caring for the environment. One way to help is to reduce your carbon footprint by switching to solar power. By installing solar panels, you can offset the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as driving 100,000 miles in a car. Solar energy is clean and renewable, unlike most traditional utility power sources. Help Burlington, NC do its part to help the environment by switching your home or business to solar energy.


On top of our already lower costs, local rebates and federal government incentives can make the upfront costs of installing a solar system extremely affordable. A 30% federal solar tax credit was also extended through 2022 providing even more savings on upfront costs. Though the costs of installation may sound intimidating, we can help you get started affordably.
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Solar panels can provide long-term benefits, and it’s easy to get started with our Burlington solar power services. No more sifting through solar installation quotes. If you’re ready to make the switch to solar panels for your Burlington property, search no more!


8MSolar is excited to help you get started saving on electricity, improving your home and helping the environment.

Our team can guide you every step of the way by answering your questions and providing solutions. Choose us as your experienced and reliable solar panel installer in Burlington, North Carolina. 

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