Winston-Salem, NC Solar Panel Installation

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Expert Solar Panel Installers in Winston-Salem

We’re one of the few professional solar companies who knows your community individually, which allows for timely and informed installations that work with your community’s needs. 8MSolar engineers have years of experience in both residential and commercial solar installations. Whatever your solar needs, 8MSolar can help. Learn more about our commercial and residential solar options.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Generate your own electricity at your Winston-Salem home with residential solar panels from 8MSolar. We’ll help you find the perfect power system to match your needs and budget. Having our experienced professionals install long-lasting solar infrastructure offers many advantages for local homeowners, including reduced utility bills that could save you hundreds of dollars each month.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Access to a supply of clean, renewable energy benefits businesses. Buildings powered by solar energy will see reduced power bills, allowing you to save funds for other company costs. 8MSolar helps customize commercial solar panel installations to fit your property needs and provide solutions. 

Why Go Solar?

With the increased cost of living, many homes and businesses have gone solar in Winston-Salem, NC as a smart and effective way to reduce their spending. A solar PV system installed by 8MSolar can power most of your home or building’s electrical loads, which will significantly lower your energy costs and improve your carbon footprint.


By becoming energy independent, you are able to use the energy created by your solar panels rather than having to rely on your local energy company. This means, in the event of a power outage, your home can keep using electricity. No more worrying about the food in your refrigerator or losing heat in your home.


Our customers have reported great savings on their utility bills. On average we have seen up to $150 a month by switching to solar power. There are also great incentives such as the Duke rebate just for installing and using solar panels in Winston-Salem, NC.


Investing in state-of-the-art solar panels boosts the appeal of your property, saving money on utility bills with self-sufficient, and environmentally friendly energy sparks the interest of many buyers. If you’re looking to sell your home or commercial facility in the future, you’ll benefit from having high-quality, long-lasting solar energy systems.


Our solar installations offer a long service life thanks to integral resistance to weather conditions such as sun, rain and snow. In most locations in Winston-Salem, the area’s usual amount of rain will serve to wash away any debris buildup and keep your panels producing energy.

Winston-Salem, NC Solar Panel Installation

Considering installing solar power in Winston-Salem, NC? 8Msolar is a local solar panel installer located in Winston-Salem, NC and surrounding areas. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we can do it all. 

8MSolar: North Carolina’s Highest Solar Panel System Installer

Our engineers and installers have years of experience. We pride ourselves on great customer service and making sure we create the best possible solar system that will meet all your needs.

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Ready to switch to solar panels in Winston-Salem, NC? We’re here to help. Contact us with any questions and to get started on designing the perfect solar power system for your home or business.