The Benefits of Solar Power for Businesses

Solar panels are growing in popularity for residential homeowners. But what about solar panels for businesses? As the world continues to look for clean and renewable energy sources, solar panels are the best option for both residential and commercial buildings. 8MSolar is committed to helping businesses realize just how simple it is to switch to solar panels and the many benefits that come with the switch. In this article, we’ll answer common questions you might have about switching to solar panels for your business and the top benefits that come from doing so.

Is My Business Right For Solar?

Many business owners wonder if their business is right for solar. There are many factors that can hold a business owner back from considering solar. We’ll address some of those commonly asked questions below.

How Much Will Solar Panels Save Me?

Every business has different costs when it comes to electricity usage. Consequently, the savings that come from solar panels will vary widely depending on an individual business’s electricity costs. With help from 8MSolar, the average business can cut their monthly electricity bill by up to 75% with commercial panel installation. Actually, some businesses save even more! To put that into perspective, if a business typically spends $2000 a month on their power bill, with a solar panel installation businesses can save around $1500 every month.

Is My Business Making This World Better?

Most companies have an underlying belief to do better for all. Carbon emissions from energy used to run normal operations in a business are wreaking constant havoc with our planet’s capability to heal itself. By installing solar, you can showcase that your business wants to be a leader and a powerhouse in your industry IN addition to being environmentally friendly. These two goals very much go hand in hand and 8MSolar can help you realize both.

Is My Business Big Enough For Solar Panels?

Or is my business too large for solar? No matter the size of your business, you can benefit from solar panel installation. Solar for small businesses can generally receive a higher percentage of their bill covered, though large businesses can also receive savings for a significant amount of their electric costs. At 8MSolar, help businesses determine the best solar panel system for their individual needs, with both ground-mounted and rooftop solar panel options. No matter the size of your business, solar panels can be a great investment.

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power A Business?

The amount of solar panels needed to power a business depends on the average amount of kilowatt hours of electricity a business uses in a given year. Businesses can then use that amount to determine how many solar panels they will need to meet their energy needs. In a recent case study, 8MSolar highlights their partnership with Extra Space Storage, where 8MSolar helped the large business install 318 solar panels. However, most average sized businesses need about 70 solar panels to meet their energy needs. 8MSolar can help businesses determine their solar panel needs to meet each individual business owner’s solar energy goals.

Top Benefits of Commercial Solar

Cut Overhead Costs: For businesses, one of their largest overhead costs is their power bill. Commercial solar panels help to reduce that bill significantly. Plus, with solar panel systems lasting 25-30 years, and utility prices continually rising, solar panels systems pay for themselves and then some. 

Create Energy Independence: Besides saving a considerable amount in overhead costs, businesses remove their dependency on fossil fuels and commercial energy supply sources by switching to solar panels. Plus, with solar backup batteries available, businesses can remove their dependence on solar energy companies for power generation.

Showcase Your Environmental Stewardship: For businesses, it is critical to invest now to make sure that the planet stays functional and healthy so you have a place to operate in! Our earth is finite and has a limited amount of capacity to heal from the impact humans have had. Reducing the carbon footprint of your business by installing solar panels is a small step you can take to become environmentally friendly.

Earn Tax Exemptions: The federal investment tax credit (ITC) allows a 30% rebate on the overall cost of a solar power system. Additionally, there is no cap on the amount of money offered through this exemption. Meaning, no matter how much you invest in solar energy, you are still guaranteed the 30% rebate. However, the benefit amount will decrease in the years following 2022, so now is the time to invest to still take advantage of the large rebate. 

Gain Financial and Environmental Returns: Businesses of all sizes who invest in a solar panel system can strategically guarantee financial returns for years following installation. With solar panels being able to pay for themselves after a couple of years, and then generate savings for more than a decade following, they are a strategic way to gain continual financial returns. Plus, solar panels raise property value in the case of selling a business. Plus, the environmental offset CO2 of just one 105KW system is equal to around 11,000 trees planted and 50,000 gallons of gas saved.

Avoid Maintenance Costs: Solar panels require little to no maintenance. Especially when a solar panel system is installed correctly with maximum efficiency, maintenance is rarely needed. Plus, installers like 8MSolar also offer maintenance, so we know exactly how your system was installed and how it should be performing.

Why 8MSolar for Your Business?

8MSolar is the most trusted solar panel installation company in North Carolina. Even if you are just beginning to consider solar panels, we can help you make educated decisions regarding what solar can do for your company. Our clients include some of the largest companies and local governments in NC. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation.

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