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Residential Home with Solar Panels on Roof
Residential Home with Solar Panels on Roof

What are Solarize Programs like Solarize NC?

Solarize programs, such as Solarize the Triangle in North Carolina, are innovative programs designed to promote a mass transition to solar power within designated communities. The role of solarize programs in promoting solar awareness and boosting adoption throughout the Triangle region is commendable. While 8MSolar is currently not a participant in the Solarize the Triangle program, we applaud its efforts.

With that being said, our standard pricing is typically lower than the top tiers / best pricing offered by a solarize program. Our pricing is usually $2.30 to $2.50 per watt depending on the system size and components being used. Reach out to us today for a comparative quote and to go over any specific questions. 

Residential Home with Solar Panels on Roof

Equipment Agnostic Means:


Having in-house engineering (PE’s) allows us to install any and all makes and models of equipment. We are completely agnostic and are not biased towards or incentivized to offer any one manufacturer or type of system. 

This provides us with the ability to entirely customize each system based on a customer’s needs – and to provide a variety of options. We are true experts and can help you weigh the pros and cons of every panel option, inverter, battery, etc. on the market.

We believe solar systems should be custom designed – including the components selected – based on each home’s needs, a customer’s budget, etc. Popular brands we install include Q Cells, REC, Solaria, Silfab, Tesla inverters, Enphase microinverters, etc. 


The average homeowner saves
$1800 a year with solar panel installation

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Dedicated North Carolina Solar Team

Our expert team stands ready to clarify all things solar for you, with no obligations, even before you commit to any program.

Our consultants have years of experience designing systems and can guide you through every step of your solar journey, whether that involves understanding the basics, seeking a competitive quote, or exploring in-depth queries.

Contact us today for a more detailed proposal and consultation – we look forward to hearing from you! 

hoa solar panel installation help

Residential Solars Panels

With North Carolina’s sunny weather, excellent federal and local solar power incentives, and net metering (get credit for unused power) there’s never been a better time to install residential solar panels. With a quick, painless, and communicative service, our residential solar installers are here to help you develop the perfect solar panel solution for your home.




Commercial Solar Panels

8MSolar excels in commercial solar installations, providing efficient, cost-effective energy solutions. Commercial businesses choose 8Msolar to help them reduce their carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, for our communities longevity and success. Let us help your business go solar.



Chapel in the Pines - Solar Panels

Non-Profit Solar Panels

We assist non-profit organizations across North Carolina in advancing a greener future through superior solar energy solutions. Our services range from facilitating donation acquisition with precise carbon offset and energy cost-saving estimates to offering dependable service you can trust. We are here for our community to improve our future.




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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

Some energy companies in North Carolina charge customers a blended rate that comes from dividing the amount due on your bill by the total kilowatt-hour consumption during the billing period. These blended rates give an accurate ROI estimation in theory, but they fail to account for seasonal demand.

At 8MSolar, we don’t use blended rates when calculating the financial impact of your solar energy system because it artificially inflates your ROI. Instead, we take all measures to produce accurate, verifiable numbers, so you can take our ROI estimate to the bank, literally.

We install three types of panels for businesses

  • Monocrystalline: These panels offer maximum efficiency and durability
  • Polycrystalline: These panels are innovative and very cost-effective
  • Thin-film: These panels are ideal for high-volume rooftop installations

Commercial solar energy systems provide excellent tax benefits that can reduce your commercial solar panel cost. According to the IRS Notice # 2018-59, any commercial solar panel system put into service by Dec 31st, 2023 and meets one of the following requirements is eligible for the full 26% federal tax credit:

  • Installed in 2020, 2021 or 2022 
  • Showing “physical work of a significant nature” 
  • Meets the “5% safe harbor test”
  1. We typically install commercial solar systems on rooftops of buildings that are almost always flat or have limited pitch. Using expert knowledge of the geographic area, we can design the array pitch angle to make sure it is producing optimal energy.
  2. Commercial solar system installations also have different mounting mechanisms than traditional homes. Commercial solar panels have different clamp-on-type bases that we specifically design for flat/metal roofs.
  3. The solar panels we use in most commercial applications are 72 cell panels, which is much larger than the traditional 60 cell modules we use in residential systems and have a higher power output – typically 350 watts per panel.
  4. Rapid shutdown capabilities that bring the DC voltage down to an inherently safe level are required in NC. Our engineers will help you design a system that meets those requirements.


  1. Ground-mounted systems are a great alternative for businesses that don’t have roofs suitable for solar panels but have significant amounts of land available. This system also works well if your company’s solar needs cannot be met by their current roof size. 
  2. Using expert geographical knowledge, our engineers can choose the optimal placement of your panels. They will test things like ground compaction to make sure we choose the proper equipment to avoid any geological problems that may arise.
  3. There are two types of ground-mounted solar panels. Pole-mounted panels are elevated off the ground and sometimes use tracking systems to tilt them toward the sun. Standard mounted solar panels have metal framing that we drive into the ground to keep them at a chosen angle.

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