ZNShine Solar Panels Review (2024)


ZNShine Solar, hailing from China, is steadily gaining traction in the solar panel market, largely due to its competitive pricing. Although the brand has been in the solar sector for over a decade and a half, it’s not as universally recognized as names like SunPower or Qcells.

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So, when you receive a solar proposal featuring ZNShine panels, you might be pondering whether they’re the right fit for your needs. Here’s a closer look at what you should know about ZNShine panels before making them a part of your home.

Key Points

  • ZNShine hails from China and is a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer, crafting modules suitable for both residential and large-scale solar endeavors.
  • Their primary residential solar offerings include three distinct panel lines, with power specifications spanning from 360 W to 415 W.
  • Post the solar tax incentive, a ZNShine solar panel system averages at about $14,000, marking a cost slightly below the industry’s standard.
  • ZNShine panels boast strong performance metrics coupled with reliable warranty provisions.
  • Recognized on BloombergNEF’s Tier 1 list, ZNShine is deemed a bankable solar manufacturer.

Want to determine the number of solar panels your house requires?

ZNShine specializes in producing both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels, catering to residential, business, and large-scale utility ventures. By collaborating with the China University of Science and Technology, they aim to pioneer advanced solar module technologies that elevate performance.

A notable advancement from their labs is the integration of graphene in solar cells. This not only enhances efficiency but also offers resilience against environmental wear and tear, promising a longer operational life. A standout feature in many ZNShine’s commercial offerings is their bifacial nature; the panels’ rear side can harness reflected sunlight, leading to amplified electricity production.

Additionally, ZNShine has introduced double-glass solar panels. Unlike conventional panels with a backsheet, these have an additional glass layer, boosting durability and mitigating potential chemical interactions inside the photovoltaic modules. However, it’s worth noting that this double-glass technology is relatively new, so its complete pros and cons remain to be explored. This novelty might also imply that some solar firms may lack expertise in its installation, posing a potential risk.

Of the wide range of solar panel models ZNShine offers, the top three picks for household setups are:

  • ZXM8-SP120 Series
  • ZXM6-NHLD120 Series
  • ZXM6-NHLD132 Series

What’s the pricing of ZNShine solar panels?

A typical ZNShine solar panel setup is priced between $19,250 and $20,000 before accounting for any deductions. With the 30% federal solar tax credit applied, the cost drops to approximately $14,000.

The price range translates to around $2.75 to $2.85 for every watt of ZNShine solar panels installed. Given that the current market rate for most solar systems hovers around $3.00 per watt, ZNShine emerges as a more economical choice.

However, keep in mind that the final expense for a solar project can fluctuate based on elements such as the number of panels you require and your chosen installation service.

How do ZNShine panels stack up against other solar panel brands?

While ZNShine solar panels tend to be more wallet-friendly than some alternatives, is that reason enough to opt for them? Below, we provide key performance metrics for ZNShine’s solar panels to help you make an informed decision.

ModelZXM8-SP120 SeriesZXM6-NHLD120 SeriesZXM6-NHLD132 Series
Power output385 W – 405 W360 W – 380 W395 W – 415 W
Efficiency20.03% – 21.07%19.76% – 20.86%19.89% – 20.78%
Cell typeHalf-cell mono PERC, 10 busbarHalf-cell mono PERC, 9 busbarHalf-cell mono PERC, 9 busbar
GlassSingle glassDouble-glassDouble-glass
Product warranty12-years12-years12-years
Performance warranty25 years, 2.5% degradation Year 1, 0.55% annual degradation30 years, 0.5% annual degradation30 years, 0.5% annual degradation

Performance Metrics for ZNShine Panels

When it comes to the world of residential solar panels, ZNShine has commendable specifications. Most of the solar panels on the market today range between power ratings of 370 W to 400 W. ZNShine is competitive, offering a span of 360 W to 415 W.

Efficiency is another impressive feature of these panels. While most modern solar panels possess efficiency levels ranging from 17% to 19%, ZNShine panels break the mold, starting at an impressive 19.76% and reaching up to 21.07%. Their remarkable power output and module efficiency owe a lot to the monocrystalline half-cut PERC cells they utilize. These cells, known for fewer resistive losses, are adept at converting a greater percentage of sunlight into electricity compared to their standard counterparts.

Additionally, ZNShine’s panels boast other specifications, such as temperature coefficient and power tolerance, that align with or surpass the industry benchmarks. Their high ratings in both power and efficiency ensure they can effortlessly meet the energy demands of your household.

As for credibility, ZNShine is recognized as a Tier 1 solar panel brand by BloombergNEF, which is a testament to its bankability and reliability.

Warranty on ZNShine Products

ZNShine provides a 12-year product warranty, ensuring their panels are devoid of manufacturing flaws. This duration aligns with the industry norm. However, some major players like Panasonic and SunPower offer extended warranties of up to 25 years upon online registration. While longer warranties exist, ZNShine’s standard 12-year coverage remains quite competitive.

Performance Warranty of ZNShine Panels

Performance warranties reflect the projected operational quality of the panels over time.

The specifics of the warranty are contingent on the model of the solar panel you opt for. For instance, the ZXM8-SP120 Series panels are backed by a 25-year performance warranty. Under this, the panels won’t degrade more than 2.5% during the initial year and not more than 0.55% annually until the warranty’s termination. While this degradation rate is standard, it’s slightly above the average, implying a marginal reduction in energy production over time.

In contrast, both the ZXM6-NHLD120 Series and the ZXM6-NHLD132 Series have a 30-year performance warranty, notably surpassing the standard 25-year industry coverage. These panels promise not to degrade beyond 2.5% in the initial year and not more than 0.5% yearly thereafter, presenting a slower degradation pace and longer warranty duration.

Remember, these warranties stem from Standard Test Conditions (STC). The projected degradation rates represent lab conditions. If a new solar panel doesn’t generate its full power potential immediately upon installation, it doesn’t imply malfunction. For any significant drops in production not linked to environmental factors, consulting your solar installer is advisable.

Considering ZNShine Solar Panels?

ZNShine panels make for a worthy consideration if you’re pondering a solar switch. These panels offer competitive pricing and are anticipated to deliver strong performance post-installation. While the warranty on the ZXM8-SP120 Series might seem a tad lacking, the marginally faster degradation rate shouldn’t necessarily deter you.

Being candid, the brand of panels is not the sole significant choice. Who installs them is perhaps even more pivotal. It’s crucial to pick a trusted solar installation firm when making the transition. Remember, solar panels are crafted for longevity – spanning 25 years and even 30 for certain ZNShine models. This underscores the importance of partnering with an installer who can provide unwavering support throughout your panels’ lifecycle.

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