Solar Panel, Power Optimizer, and Inverter Warranties Explained

There are two different warranties offered by manufacturers – read on to find out more

This is one of the most common questions we get asked and rightfully so!

There are two kinds of solar warranties available on most commercial and residential Solar Panels.

Product Warranty

This warranty is meant to protect the user against defects in design, material and workmanship or manufacturing. Typically this warranty will come into affect when the above listed defects cause a drop in power production. This warranty typically can be 15 – 20 years.

Power Output Warranty

This warranty is meant to protect the users against loss of power production. This warranty is typically listed as a percentage of the power production guaranteed by the manufacturer after a certain period. Typically this warranty is around 80% power production after 25 years. This is also the warranty that is broadcast by most manufacturers and the industry as it is normally the higher of the two.

Understanding the differences and knowing which module offers the best combination can be a really important deciding factor when choosing a Solar Panel for your system. We are always here to help you navigate these warranties and make an informed choice.

Solar Inverter Warranty

Most solar PV inverters come standard with 12 year warranties. Almost all companies will allow customers to upgrade their warranties from 12 to 25 years for a very nominal rate, around $300 – $400.

Power Optimizer / Micro Inverter Warranties

Most often, power optimizers and micro inverters are really the items that fail on solar panel installations. The good news is that these are very easy to replace and are covered by extensive 25 year warranties. Most reputable hardware manufacturers offer these long warranties as standard.

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