Do Solar Panels Produce Power in the Winter?

Do Solar Panels Produce Power in the Winters? You bet!

The first thing to keep in mind is that solar panels need light not heat. In winters the quality of light is still the same, the quantity is reduced because of shorter days. On very heavy snow days or blizzards, panels can get covered by snow but they are designed and installed in such a way that it clears off on it’s own. 8MSolar recognizes the fact that here in North Carolina, we do not have to worry about snow reducing solar production. The main weather concerns in our area revolve around hurricanes, which do not occur during the winter.

A Balancing Game

The thing to keep in mind though is that much like other electronics, solar panels actually become more efficient the colder it is. This means that for the same amount of light, the solar panels actually produce more power the colder it gets. The beauty of this is that it is almost a balancing act, during summers, the solar PV system is less efficient but gets more sunlight. In winters, it is more efficient, but gets less sunlight.

Top 10 Solar States

Solar Systems are very popular in a lot of cold climates around the world, the reason for this is that the savings generated by solar PVsystems depend a lot on the electricity rates. The higher the rates, the more savings a solar panel system generates. This is proved by looking at the US where some of the largest solar capacities are in colder states with long winters but high utility rates.

Experience Matters

An experienced solar PV system designer can design your PV system in a way to minimize power production swings throughout the year. Our solar engineers have designed and installed hundreds of systems in the northern half of the country in frigid winter climates and know how to maximize your solar power production during winter months.

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