Are Solar Panel Warranties Transferrable?

Are Solar Panel Warranties Transferrable?

Solar panels are an excellent way to reduce energy costs and ensure lasting, durable energy for your home. Solar panels are a significant investment — many homeowners want to ensure they have quality warranties in place to protect their investment. However, sometimes you’re looking to sell your home and want to know if your quality warranty will transfer to the next owner. 

Many buyers looking at homes with solar systems want to know if they’ll have access to the same warranty as the existing homeowners. Understanding if and how your solar panel warranty transfers will make the selling process easier and help take some stress off your shoulders. 

Types of Solar Panel Warranties

There are several solar panel warranty options when installing solar panel systems. Since solar panels typically last 25 to 30 years, you can expect your warranty to cover up to 25 years. Warranties can come from different sources, covering everything from performance, equipment failures, mounting, power optimizers, workmanship and more. Your installer will review potential warranties with you during the installation process — getting all your bases covered with good warranties helps protect your investment for years. 

You’ll have to deal with two main warranty categories when looking into warranty transfers — manufacturer and installer warranties. Your installer and the solar panel manufacturer will offer warranties covering their area of expertise. These warranties help protect their reputation and allow you to enjoy special perks and protections for working with their companies. 

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer’s warranties cover areas relating to the solar panels’ construction and performance. Performance warranties guarantee your solar panels will meet specific performance standards throughout their life spans — as long as you follow the warranty conditions, you can get repairs and replacements if your solar panels fail to meet the contracted performance standards. 

Manufacturer’s product workmanship warranties help cover equipment failures and defects. If your panel fails due to a manufacturing issue, these warranties will often help cover repairs and replacements. These warranties help consumers get the most out of their solar systems and ensure they have durable, quality panels to support their homes.

Installer Warranty

Solar installers will also offer warranties to provide customers with the best possible service. Warranties often cover equipment servicing and issues that come from faulty installation. If your system has problems related to the installation itself,  the installer warranty should cover you, allowing you to get an installation correction. Talk to your installation company to find out what warranties they offer and how they can benefit you. 

Are Solar Panel Warranties Transferable? 

Typically, most warranties are transferable from the original owner to the buyer. If you’re interested in selling your solar home, you must work with the prospective buyer and your solar installer to ensure the warranty transfers over correctly. 

Some solar companies restrict warranties to the solar system’s original installer. However, this is rare and will be covered by your solar company during installation. If you want to be able to transfer your warranty if you sell your home, make sure to go with a company that allows warranty transfers. 

How to Transfer Solar Panel Warranties

If your solar panel warranty is transferable, you must contact your installer when you want to sell your home. Your installation company will help you with the necessary paperwork to ensure the transfer goes smoothly. Without a transfer, potential buyers might not want the property — ensure you can transfer everything to potential buyers before putting your home on the market. 

How to Maintain a Solar Panel Warranty

How to Maintain a Solar Panel Warranty

While your system needs regular maintenance to keep it in top condition, your warranty terms must be followed to ensure the warranty is valid. A voided warranty leaves you and potential buyers without solar system protection. Once you have your solar system and warranties, review them carefully and follow their terms so your warranty stays valid.

While every warranty is different, here are some guidelines to help you maintain your warranty:

  • Keep solar panels clear from blockages: Cut back trees and ensure your panels have complete sun exposure. Your performance warranty may be affected if you experience performance issues and your solar panels are partially covered. 
  • Use certified professionals: Only use certified professionals for solar system installations and repairs. Many manufacturer’s warranties require a certified installer for solar panel installation. Using your original installer for repairs, replacements and claims is your safest bet for maintaining your warranty, especially if you have an installer warranty with them. 
  • Correctly size your system: Improper sizing and equipment use can affect performance. If your system is sized incorrectly for your needs, it can put unnecessary strain on the system and void your warranty. 

Better Warranties From 8MSolar

Better Warranties From 8MSolar

8MSolar offers North Carolina home and business owners some of the best workmanship and equipment warranties available. You can enjoy high-quality protection for decades with a 25-30 year warranty on your panels as well as 8MSolar’s Lifetime Workmanship & Roof Penetrations Warranty. We’re dedicated to providing superior solar services to our clients. 8MSolar’s unmatched solar experts will deliver top-quality solar services and warranty assistance when you need it. 

We understand the value of solar energy and the importance of getting the most out of your investment. 8MSolar is here to answer all your solar and warranty questions so you can stay fully informed. If you have questions or are looking for a solar installation, contact us online and get started today!

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