Leapton Solar Panel Expert Review

Company Background

Leapton Solar, a manufacturer of solar panels and mounting systems, originated in Kobe, Japan. Since its founding in 2012, Leapton has emerged as a noteworthy player in the solar panel production industry, a field where many leading brands commenced operations in the early 2000s.

The company swiftly achieved a Tier 1 bankability rating from Bloomberg NEF, which shows the reliability and warranty strength of Leapton’s offerings. It’s important to remember that the Bloomberg Tier 1 classification is not an evaluation of solar panel quality. Instead, it serves as an indicator of a manufacturer’s financial stability or “bankability,” derived from publicly available data regarding the company’s financial health. This classification helps identify whether a manufacturer is large and established within the industry.

With a current production capability of 660MW annually, Leapton is considered a specialized manufacturer. Nonetheless, plans are underway for the construction of a new manufacturing facility capable of producing 2GW, signifying a significant expansion in their production capacity. Leapton’s solar panels are produced in Changshu, China, and are distributed worldwide.

PV Evolution Labs Top Performer

PV Evolution Labs, with backing from DNV GL, conducts independent assessments of solar panel reliability. Participation in these tests is on a voluntary basis, and manufacturers pay to have their panels evaluated. Recognized globally, this testing process offers a credible measure of a solar panel’s performance capabilities.

Currently, Leapton Solar Panels have not achieved a place on the PV Top Performers List. Given that Leapton is a relatively new entrant to the market, there is anticipation that their products may be included in future evaluations as the company matures and undergoes further testing.

Unique Features of Leapton Solar Panels

With numerous options available in the solar panel market, what distinguishes Leapton’s offerings?

Leapton Solar Panels have successfully obtained certifications from TUV, PID, Chemitox, SGS, CQC, GAMCORP, among other globally recognized authorities. This indicates that Leapton’s solar panels have cleared several stringent tests, surpassing the basic criteria needed for sale within international markets.

Leapton’s 25-Year Product and Performance Guarantee

Every solar panel is accompanied by a warranty for product and performance. The product warranty is intended to address manufacturing defects that could lead to damage or failure, with the industry standard being around 10 years for most leading solar panel brands. Leapton Solar Panels, however, are backed by an exceptional 25-year product warranty, showcasing their commitment to providing a superior choice for consumers.

The performance warranty ensures a specified output level over the panel’s lifespan, commonly maintaining 80-82% of the initial output after 25 years. Leapton offers a 25-year performance warranty, ensuring 80.68% output for monocrystalline modules and 80.7% output for polycrystalline modules. Although this is at the modest end of the market spectrum regarding power degradation, it reflects Leapton’s confidence in their product’s durability.

Leapton Solar Panel Offerings

Solar Panel Model: LP158*158-M-60-MH

leapton solar LP158*158-M-60-MH

This model delivers an output ranging between 325W to 340W and boasts a solar efficiency of up to 20.1%. It features 158mm x 158mm half-cut monocrystalline cells, a design choice aimed at enhancing efficiency. Despite its solid technical features, this model is considered among the less remarkable options in Leapton’s current lineup. Customers have the option to select between a silver or black aluminum frame for most of Leapton’s panel models.

Solar Panel Model: LP166*166-M-66-MH

LP166*166-M-66-MH leapton solar panel

The LP166*166-M-66-MH model from Leapton introduces a larger cell format and incorporates an additional 6 monocrystalline cells, culminating in a power output range of 385W to 415W. Enhanced with 9 busbar cell technology among other advancements, this panel achieves an efficiency rate of up to 20.5%, positioning it as one of the more superior options available.

Moreover, this model features a low temperature coefficient of -0.28%/°C, making it exceptionally well-suited for regions like northern Australia, known for their extreme heat conditions.

Solar Panel Model: LP166*166-M-60-MH

The LP166*166-M-60-MH model by Leapton is closely related to its counterpart mentioned previously, but it incorporates 6 fewer solar cells in its 60-cell configuration. This reduction results in the panel being 9% more compact, offering greater adaptability for various residential roofing sizes. Consequently, the power output of this panel is slightly reduced, with a range of 360W to 380W.

This model is available with black framing and the option for all-black cells, providing an attractive and sleek appearance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of residential rooftops.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Leapton Solar Panels


  • Recognized as a Tier 1 manufacturer
  • Offers an exceptional 25-year product warranty


  • Less established history compared to many competitors
Cell Number54*2 pcs72*2 pcs
Cell TypeMonocrystallinePolycrystalline
Power Output390Wp360Wp
Max Power Voltage30.42V39.7V
Panel Efficiency19.95%17.90%
Annual Power Degradation0.70%0.70%
Dimensions1721 x 1134 x 35 mm2008 x 1006 x 35 mm
Weight24.5 kg22.5 kg
Product Warranty15 Years15 Years
Operational Temperature Range-40°C to 85°C-40°C to 85°C

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