Why Go Solar? 7 Reasons to Go Solar

As solar panel prices continue to drop and become an accessible resource, it is important for people to consider the switch to solar energy. The common question, “why should I go solar?” should really be asking, “why not?” After initial installation prices, the benefits of solar quickly outweigh the costs. Here are 7 reasons to go solar.

Environmentally Friendly

The first reason to go solar is that it largely reduces your carbon footprint. A person’s carbon footprint is created by activities that produce fossil fuels. CO2 emissions are worth reducing because they are a greenhouse gas which heats the atmosphere and warms our climate on earth. Activities such as waste, electricity, transportation, and fuel increase your carbon footprint. Solar panels offer an environmentally friendly alternative to regular CO2 emissions from utilities. Learn more about the environmental benefits of solar panels here.

Great Return on Investment

These reduced energy bills will eventually create a return on investment. In the first 8 years homeowners will get an ROI of 20% or more. The exact amount depends on your regular utility cost and the cost of your solar panel installation. To calculate the timing of your ROI, divide the total cost of solar panel installation by your yearly utility cost to discover how many years it will take for the solar panels to pay for more utilities than their underlying cost. For a guide on solar panel installation costs look at our pricing guide.

Improved Property Value

The property value of your home will go up with the installation of solar panels. Homes with solar panels sell faster and for higher prices compared to homes without solar on the market. Prospective homeowners see reduced monthly utility bills as a desirable homeowner benefit.

Help Your Local Economy

Over 230,000 Americans work in the solar industry with more than $25 billion contributed to the American economy in 2020. Solar companies often serve local markets. Another reason to use solar energy is to create jobs and businesses in your community.

Reduced Energy Bills

Even on cloudy days, solar panels can absorb energy from indirect and direct sunlight. Year-round energy saves your electricity costs. When excess energy is created by your solar panels, it is shared through the national grid and the solar panel homeowners are given credit. Alternatively, if your solar panels do not cover your complete energy costs, your home switches to the national grid for any additional energy needs.

Protect Against Rising & Unexpected Costs

From 2005 to 2015 energy prices have been on the rise, and they are projected to continue this uphill climb. Although most solar panel owners still use occasional energy from their local energy grid, their regular energy costs will be more predictable and consistent. Once solar panels are installed, the price of using solar energy does not increase like other national energy trends. Solar panels end dependency on energy companies.

Become a leader in sustainability

The national increase in solar energy usage has been gradual, and it will continue to slowly switch to more sustainable energy sources. The first step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving money on utility bills is switching yourself. Inspire others to go green by example. 

Why go solar? There are many reasons to use solar energy, from tax benefits and property value to sustainability and environmentally friendly choices. Solar panels are a great financial and environmental choice, and 8MSolar can help you get started. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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