Net Metering for Solar Systems in Apex, NC

8MSolar has always worked very closely with the town of Apex and has held information sessions to bring solar awareness to our neighbors in Apex, NC. As a result of our information sessions and local installers’ continuous dialogue with the town of Apex utilities, there have been significant changes that will help the proliferation and adoption of Solar in Apex, NC.

Net Metering

Traditionally, the Town of Apex only allowed net metering with TOU rates. This meant customers would only get credits based on when they generated excess power in the day. This was less than ideal. The Town of Apex has graciously adopted the gold standard in Solar PV interconnections now, i.e. Net Metering. All Solar PV systems going forward, can apply for this net metering rider. In fact, if you live in Apex and already have a Solar PV system, you can change your interconnection rider to this new Net Metering rider.

The biggest benefit this will have is that customers do not have to worry about when their system is producing excess power, they can now size large systems that produce credits during the day that customers can use at night. A big thanks to everyone at the Town of Apex for making this happen. Another big advantage is that Apex no longer has any credit wipes, meaning extra power generated can be carried forward and used any time with no worries of it being taken away by the utility!

Increase in Max Solar PV System Size

The town of Apex has also increased the maximum allowed solar system size up to 20 kW. This is great news for customers who have high usage as they can now get larger Solar PV systems to help offset their complete usage. 8MSolar engineers can help you install the highest efficiency panels on your home and size the largest system possible to lower your home’s carbon footprint and save you money on your electric bill.

Battery Storage and Backup Systems

Another big change is that the Town of Apex now allows battery backup solar PV systems to be implemented and installed. Previously this was not allowed. 8MSolar can now help you implement Solar PV systems that are net metered AND have a backup battery installed! Contact us today to see how our solar consultants can help you get the best solar battery storage systems for emergency and outage situations.

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