CertainTeed Solar Panels Review

CertainTeed, part of the Saint-Gobain group, has a century-long history since its establishment in 1904. Growing into a major manufacturer in the building materials sector, it offers a diverse range of products including shingles, siding, and innovative solar solutions.

The latest addition to its solar product range is the Solstice line, featuring both solar panels and solar shingles. These solar panels from CertainTeed deliver moderate performance and are competitively priced, backed by exceptional warranty options.

Key Points

  • Product Range: CertainTeed, established in 1904 and part of Saint-Gobain, offers a variety of building materials, including its Solstice solar panels and shingles.
  • Solstice Line: The Solstice solar products feature panels with moderate performance and competitive pricing, and shingles designed for aesthetic rooftop integration.
  • Performance and Efficiency: CertainTeed’s solar solutions have industry-standard power outputs and efficiency ratings, suitable for most homeowners.
  • Warranty Offerings: They provide a 25-year performance and product warranty, meeting industry norms, with extended warranties available through certified contractors.
  • Pricing and Installation: CertainTeed’s solar systems are priced competitively within the U.S. market. It’s important to choose experienced, reliable installers.

Pros and Cons of CertainTeed Solar


  • Outstanding warranty offerings
  • Dependable corporate reputation
  • Sleek all-black aesthetic
  • Competitive pricing


  • Panel efficiency is moderate when measured against rival brands

CertainTeed Solstice panels present a solid choice for homeowners interested in solar energy. They offer an appealing combination of affordability, stylish design, and strong warranty options from a reputable company, making them a reliable choice for rooftop installation. Additionally, CertainTeed’s network of installers can provide enhanced warranty benefits.

However, the primary drawback of CertainTeed panels lies in their performance, which is somewhat average. The Solstice models lack any exceptional features or specifications, so they may not be the ideal option for those seeking the most advanced solar technology available.

CertainTeed Solar Product Options

CertainTeed offers two main solar products: Solstice solar panels and solar shingles.

Solstice Solar Panels

CertainTeed Review Solstice Panel

CertainTeed’s Solstice solar panels are designed for rooftop installation to generate electricity, helping to lower both your carbon footprint and electricity expenses. These panels feature an all-black design, creating a sleek, uniform appearance on your roof, unlike some other brands that may include white spaces. The panels are crafted using half-cut monocrystalline solar cell technology, emphasizing high performance and durability.

The Solstice line includes two models: one with a 400-watt (W) capacity and another with a 440 W capacity. The 440 W model is larger, which may not suit homes with limited roof space. Both models offer reliable performance and are backed by a 25-year performance warranty from CertainTeed.

Solstice Solar Shingles

CertainTeed Review Solstice Shingles

As a leader in the roofing industry, CertainTeed’s entry into the solar shingle market is a natural progression. These solar shingles are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing roof, allowing homeowners to adopt solar energy without compromising their home’s aesthetic appeal.

The Solstice solar shingles are all-black and can be installed by roofing professionals. Each shingle has a 70 W power output and is styled to mimic traditional asphalt shingles, making them less conspicuous when installed. These shingles not only produce electricity but also provide roof protection and can be installed by traditional roofing crews.

How CertainTeed Compares to Other Brands

 Power outputEfficiencyTemperature coefficient
Industry average400 – 430 W20% – 21.8%-0.30%
CertainTeed Solstice400 – 440 W20.4% – 20.5%-0.35%

CertainTeed’s Solstice solar panels align well with the norms of the solar industry. While they may not possess the most exceptional performance specifications on the market, they are an excellent choice for the majority of homeowners looking to harness solar energy for their homes.

Power Output

The power output of a solar panel is a key indicator of its capability, reflecting the amount of power it can produce under optimal conditions, and is measured in watts. Currently, the standard power output for most residential solar panels ranges between 400 and 430 watts. CertainTeed’s two solar panel models fit comfortably within this standard, offering options at 400 watts and 440 watts.


Today’s solar panels are significantly more efficient than those in the past, with the average efficiency ranging between 20% and 21.8%. CertainTeed’s panels, with an efficiency of 20.5%, fall into this average category. While there are more efficient panels available from other brands, the efficiency rating shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor, especially if you don’t have extremely limited roof space.

Temperature Coefficient

Solar panel specifications are typically measured under Standard Test Conditions in a laboratory setting. However, real-world conditions on your roof will differ from these ideal lab conditions.

The temperature coefficient is a metric that indicates how much a panel’s power output decreases as its surface temperature rises, offering insights into the panel’s performance in actual environmental conditions.

The average temperature coefficient for most solar panels is around -0.3%. CertainTeed’s panels have a slightly higher temperature coefficient of -0.35%, meaning they may not perform as optimally as others in high temperatures. However, this difference is minor, and given that CertainTeed’s panels are still within the industry average range, they are expected to be reliable performers once installed on your roof.

Do CertainTeed’s Solar Shingles Deliver Strong Performance? 

With a power output of 70 watts, CertainTeed’s solar shingles are on par with the Tesla Solar Roof and offer nearly twice the output of GAF’s solar roofing shingles. The efficiency of the CertainTeed solar shingles stands at 19.85%. This efficiency rate is quite good for a solar roofing product.

CertainTeed’s Solar Warranty

When selecting a solar system, the warranty is a crucial factor, and this is an area where CertainTeed excels.

Their performance warranty aligns with industry norms, ensuring that the panels will maintain at least 85% of their initial rated output after 25 years. In addition, Solstice panels come with a 25-year product warranty against manufacturing defects, surpassing the typical 12-year product warranty offered by many other manufacturers.

For homeowners who choose CertainTeed-certified contractors, there are additional benefits available through the Silver and Gold warranties. These extended warranties cover not only the panels but also inverters, optimizers, racking, and flashing, provided these are from approved brands. The Gold warranty is exclusive to customers of CertainTeed Select Solar Master Installers, while the Silver is available through CertainTeed Solar Master Installers.

Both Gold and Silver warranties also ensure that the installation will be free from workmanship defects for the duration of the warranty (25 years for Gold and 15 years for Silver). In the event of a valid workmanship claim, CertainTeed commits to addressing the issue at no additional cost to the homeowner.

The advantage of having a single warranty covering all equipment components simplifies the process for future warranty claims. CertainTeed assures continued coverage under the Gold and Silver warranties, even if the original solar installer ceases operations.

CertainTeed Solar Panels Price Range

The installation cost for a standard-sized CertainTeed solar panel system ranges from $15,600 to $18,000, translating to approximately $2.60 to $3.00 per watt of solar capacity. Factoring in the 30% federal solar tax credit, the cost could potentially reduce to around $11,000.

These prices are consistent with the average solar system costs in the United States. It’s important to note that the actual cost you incur can differ based on your location, the size of the solar system you opt for, and the solar installer you select.

CertainTeed Solar Shingles Price Range

Detailed pricing information for CertainTeed’s Solstice shingles is not widely available. However, given that solar shingles are a relatively new technology, it’s reasonable to anticipate that their installation cost may be higher than that of traditional solar panels.

Despite the lack of specific pricing, it’s likely that the Solstice shingles will be more affordable than their major competitor, the Tesla Solar Roof. This cost difference is primarily because Tesla’s product often necessitates a complete roof replacement using more expensive materials. In contrast, with CertainTeed’s option, a full roof replacement may not be necessary, and if it is, the associated roofing materials are expected to be less costly than those used by Tesla.

Selecting the Ideal Installer for Your CertainTeed Solar System

The key to a successful solar installation lies in choosing the right installer. It’s essential to have a trustworthy and experienced company working on your roof, one that can provide support throughout the entire 25-year lifespan of your solar panels. At 8MSolar, our team has over two decades of experience, and we’re ready to help you find the perfect solar system for your home. Contact us today.

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